• Introductory Session
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Learn about the art of falconry, the raptors used in the practice of falconry, and the need for their conservation
  • Extended Session
    • Duration 1 ½ hours
    • Free-fly hawks through fields and forest as you experience falconry and learn about the lives of raptors and their conservation.
  • Hunting Session
    •  A pre-hunt session of handling and flying hawks followed by a quarry hunt with hawks. Available during the small game season (mid-October through mid-March and at various locations within 20 miles of the Inn). If you want to see these winged predators do what they were made to do – take game in their natural environment – then this is the experience for you!
       We meet in the early morning at or close to the Inn and head out together with our hunting Harris Hawks to one of our hunting fields.
       Learn about hunting with raptors, field etiquette, and dressing game taken by the hawks. Joining these birds in a hunt is a rare experience.
      o Photographic Sessions
      o Corporate Events
      o Weddings
  • • All experiences are scheduled by appointment only. Opportunities are limited with preference given to guests who stay at the Raritan Inn.
    • Complete our “Contact Us” Form and we will get back to you regarding Pricing and Availability
    • NO DOGS ALLOWED; Any and all payment will be forfeited and you will have to leave the property.
    • Participation is contingent upon signing a waver and release of liability
    • Offered October 15 – May 15 pending weather conditions
    o High Winds, heavy rain and hot weather will stop us from flying.
    • Please Note: Remember to be prepared for the weather, wear layers and durable shoes preferably waterproof boots. Even without rain, the area can be damp. DO NOT wear anything with fur, fur trim of feathers.
    • No refunds, all sales are final.